Preprints will soon be accepted on IndiaRxiv

Society for Promotion of Horticulture Bengaluru has graciously agreed to host IndiaRxiv on its web server using PKP’s Open Preprint Systems (OPS). It is currently on COS’s Open Science Framework and will be relaunched soon so that submissions can resume.

IndiaRxiv has been granted a provisional ISSN 2583-0007. It is the first and only preprint server in India to apply for an ISSN, which has been granted provisionally. This new and sustainable home for IndiaRxiv is, and eventually the domain name will point to it. 

Volunteers from various disciplines are needed to review submissions and verify conformity as preprints for the OPS, which has a workflow for moderation and acceptance for publication. Currently, it is looking for moderators (volunteers). A Call for Expressions of Interest (CFEI) will soon be posted at 

In light of the support for preprints by the Indian academia and the science-policy draft (2020), some progressive scholarly societies and funders might tweak their policies in order to promote preprint publication. Researchers in India should consider submitting preprints to IndiaRxiv and accelerate the progress of science. Nevertheless, there should be an awareness of preprints that are not peer-reviewed and date-stamping of scholarly work, the drafts shared by the authors for public review.

On the IndiaRxiv site (, authors can register themselves and submit their manuscripts in accordance with the guidelines. The authors own the copyright on their works and they grant IndiaRxiv a perpetual, non-exclusive license to host and distribute preprints under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

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